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On Memorial Day 2002, 22 month old Justin Weiss fell quietly into his parents’ pool. There were no screams. No frantic splashing of water. No audible sounds to let anyone within earshot know something was wrong. He had been out of his parents’ sight for just a brief moment before his shocked family found him.

Justin survived ... unlike many others. But he suffers significant neurological impairment requiring nursing care with physical, occupational and speech therapy. His progress is painstaking. His efforts heroic. His family devastated.

It should not happen to other children…


No family should have to suffer the unimaginable anguish and grief of a drowning accident that could have been prevented. But, anyone with a toddler knows how far and how quickly they can travel in just seconds. If a parent is distracted, even for a fleeting moment, that’s all it can take for disaster to occur. And because drowning and near-drowning victims make no noise, there’s no audible warning.

That’s why Justin’s father, Dr. Jeffrey N. Weiss, a prominent ophthalmic surgeon and prolific inventor, was determined to find a way to help prevent such tragedies.

And, he did……

AQUA ALERT—Water Activated Wristband

An Invention to help Prevent Drowning
(patent pending)

What it is:

Aqua Alert is a one-size-fits-all electronic “wrist watch” device that emits a loud sound when submerged. Designed to fit toddlers to teens, the band has a locking attachment and fits snuggly on the child’s wrist.

How it works:

The face of the “watch” contains electronic alarm components. If a child should fall into any body of water, the water completes a circuit in the Aqua Alert water activated wristband watch and triggers an alarm that sounds at about 103 dB – similar to the piercing sound of a smoke detector.

Aqua Alert’s sole function is as an alarm alert that assists parents with an audible warning to help them protect their child or children from a drowning or near drowning accident. Aqua Alert is NOT a flotation device; when any child is near water, parental vigilance and supervision is always required.



Drowning ranks #2 as the leading cause of injury & death in infants and children under 15
Children between 1-4 years most often drown in home or apartment swimming pools
The immersion is silent – no screams or splashing are heard

Give your financial support….




Give Your
Financial Support

Save Children
from Drowning.

Justin’s Club is a
Non-Profit (501C3) Corporation
established to help prevent
childhood drowning and near-drowning incidents, providing treatment for
children whose families cannot afford treatment costs, and for research through non-profit fundraising.

Your financial contribution is tax deductible.

Please help make this dream possible.


5800 Colonial Drive, Suite 300
Margate, Florida 33063

Help Save Our Children

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The Facts: Childhood Drowning and Near Drowning

· In the U.S., drowning is the second leading cause of injury & death of infants & children younger than 15.

· Florida death rates lead the nation in terms of the 0 to 4 year age category.

· The highest drowning rates are in children less than 5 and adolescents between 15-24

- Children less than 1 year most frequently drown in bathtubs & buckets
- Children between 1-4 years most often drown in home or apartment swimming pools.

Most of these children drown by entering the pool from their home through the unprotected side of the pool. In the majority of cases, the children were out of eye contact for only a moment. The immersion is silent (no screams or splashing are heard).

- Children between 5-24 most often drown in lakes, ponds, rivers and pools.

· For every child who drowns, four children are hospitalized for near-drowning.

· One third of near-drowning pediatric victims will suffer significant brain damage (i.e., long-term disabilities or permanent loss of functioning).

· The annual cost of care per year in a chronic care facility for an impaired survivor of a near-drowning event exceeds $100,000 for basic care. [This figure excludes intensive world-class standards for hyperbaric oxygen treatment (which has been proven effective), physical therapy, occupational therapy & speech therapy]

· Most healthcare plans DO NOT adequately cover post-care treatment which can be astronomical. Many children languish unattended to as a result.

Statistics: The American Academy of Pediatrics Policy statement on Drowning in infants, Children and Adolescents (RE9319) and the Center for Disease Control Statistics on Unintentional Drownings


The Healing Institute (THI)

The founder of THI, Jeffrey N. Weiss, M.D., is former Faculty of Harvard Medical School and a Visiting Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Weiss was introduced to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) when, Dr. Richard Neubauer, a pioneer in the use of HBOT for brain injury, came to him as a patient. Unfortunately, Dr. Neubauer reciprocated the help when several years later, Dr. Weiss’ son, Justin, experienced a near-drowning episode.

Dr. Weiss made an intensive study of the field but when he suggested HBOT to the physicians treating his son, they refused. Though they gave Justin no hope for life, and fought with the Weiss’ to “pull the plug” they wouldn’t allow HBOT because it “might hurt his ears.” The Weiss family successfully fought the doctors and hospital in court to allow Justin to undergo HBOT. The legal victory made international news because it was the first time a hospital was forced to provide treatment. In

his ruling, the Judge stated, “I can rule for life, or death and I choose to rule for life.”

During the 5 years since Justin’s accident, he has attended kindergarten, first and second grade. He is fully cognizant but is limited by his physical handicaps. Justin undergoes rehabilitative therapy 5 days a week. Many different treatments have been tried and Justin may be driven 40 to 50 miles per day for what the Weiss’ have identified as the best, most effective therapies. Understandably, the Weiss’ have the resources to give Justin the best possible care. But, what do other families do?

THI will be the first comprehensive neurologic rehabilitative center in the United States that combines the best in therapies for improvement. Our goal is improvement and we will continue to investigate and adopt new therapies and discard the less beneficial ones. At the present time, HBOT, biofeedback, physical, occupational and speech therapies will be offered at THI.

Contact Us

The Healing Institute is located at:

1308 A/B North State Rd. 7

Margate, FL 33063






Aqua Alert is commercially available at local stores and a portion of the royalties will be donated to Justin’s Club, a non-profit (501 C3) corporation. These funds will be used for research and to fund the treatment of children whose families cannot afford treatment costs. www.aquaalerts.com





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